Carla Rebelo

Carla Rebelo (b. 1994, Sao Tome and Principe) tries to reimagine geopolitical boundaries from an emotional and metaphysical perspective, as a way to reclaim agency in the vital connection between place and self. 

Through photography, video and text, a keen interest in the process of identity construction has always been an underlying driver of her artistic practice. Rebelo describes her projects as by-products of a personal quest for meaning and control over her own narrative. 

Besides experimentation and self-learning, she received photographic training at El Observatorio in Barcelona and through the Catchupa Factory Artistic Residency for new photographers in Mindelo, the latter being her formal contact with the history and practice of photography in the African continent.

Available for Commissions:



Dissident Planets - Online Exhibition – AOJE / Catchupa Factory

Family Matters - Group Exhibition – Catchupa Factory, Santo Antão, Cabo Verde

Family Matters - Group Exhibition – Catchupa Factory, Maputo, Mozambique


Zist Magazine  #21 - Le Sentiment

Zist Magazine #10 - Le Futur

Zist Magazine #2 - Dire et Montrer


Perspectives Magazine - CP Travels

Lenguaje Fotográfico - Photography Course - El Observatorio, Barcelona


Catchupa Factory Residency for New Photographers, Mindelo

STP Fashion Week 01 - Comissioned - São Tomé

Water for Islands - Winner - United Nations Photography Prize

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