Carla Rebelo

Sentada Numa Hiace narrates a commute from Santo Amaro to downtown Sao Tome on public transportation. The viewer is invited to an inner journey where daily life sounds, scenes and routines are juxtaposed with the universe’s movement and the laws of motion physics.

While I’m commuting the planet spins at 1600 km/h and at the same time the sun awaits 225 million years to reach the other side of the galaxy. I just wanna get downtown.

And it makes me sleepy... immensity has always made me sleepy.

I think about it while watching a baby breast-feed with his eyes wide open, while the alarm from the phone whose owner I don't know insists on marking the tempo.

If there was no love, this is all there would be... time - space - speed - time...

The sun may travel very fast but it cannot love.
I could cherish it but it wouldn't feel me.
I could care for it but it wouldn’t understand me.

It's sad to be light and arrive everywhere so fast.

Perhaps Love is just an Earthly thing.

I look out the window and cross my eyes with a woman who collects her clothes from the rope as it starts to rain. And I know she feels love, but the rain wouldn’t understand.

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